Over the years, Power plants have undergone substantial technological developments, and transmission lines have become more connected more than ever. Power grids, with time have dramatically extended their networks and are distributing electricity to huge populations worldwide. In the 21st century, the traditional power grid systems are becoming more difficult to manage, and are facing several challenges such as aging equipment, higher maintenance cost, obsolete system layout, outdated engineering tools, energy inefficiency, and pressure due to lack of industry regulations. From these difficulties, the vision of “Smart Grid” was born. A smart grid is an electrical grid with advanced automation, communication and IT systems to monitor power flows from points of generation to points of consumption. A smart grid is cost-effective, agile, responsive, and better engineered for reliability and self-healing operations.


Agatel’s networking solutions have enabled the power grids to provide a safe, and reliable service to energy consumers. Agatel is a leading provider of reliable, and rugged networking backbone for the vision of smart grid with a broad range of products such as precision time distribution, IEC 61850-3 fully-compliance products, network protocol gateways, data concentrators, and industrial managed switches.


Agatel’s offering for Power & Smart Grid

Harsh environment resistance: Agatel’s rugged products are designed to withstand the harshest environment with wide temperature window.

Reliability: Agatel’s Smart Redundancy Feature will detect the failure, communicate the reason of the failure to a control center, and automatically recover from such failure to provide continuous operation. Thanks to the High-Availability Technologies such as HSR/PRP, Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS), RSTP, and Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) Client settings, network connectivity will be resumed simply and swiftly.

Electromagnetic Compatibility: Agatel’s IEC 61850-3 compliant equipment are designed to withstand the harshest electromagnetic interferences without suffering fatal damage. Agatel’s devices pass EMC level 3 and 4 requirements.

Security and Safety: Agatel’s Protocol Gateway devices provide embedded security measure through virtual private network (VPN) using IP security (IPSec), OpenVPN or PPTP so that all in and out of the device information can be properly protected from potential attacks.

Fast Responsiveness: several of Agatel’s power-specific switches embed hardware-based High-Availability Redundancy with Gigabit throughput capability.