From 1879 till nowadays Electricity has been the most important discovery after fire. Our modern lives have become highly dependable on Electricity, which led to phenomenal improvements in generation and transmission of such energy source.
To meet current demand; efficiency and reliability are the basic standard for electricity service providers. That’s why at Agatel we manufacture cutting edge communication routers with the highest approvals and certifications to deliver the performance needed in harsh, highly electromagnetic environments.


Agatel product features for Power & Smart Gird sectors
  • IEEE1588v2 Hardware-based PTP Grandmaster, Boundary & Transparent clocks
  • HSR/PRP high-availability
  • Smart-Grid Protocol Gateways, support for IEC60870-5-101/3/4, Modbus, DNP3.0 and IEC61850
  • Modbus Redundant Concentrators