Delivery efficiency led to an increase in the demand of Smart Transportation, Communication Technologies have considerable importance for transport systems that will shape the future of transportation, and the freight industry is changing through:

1) Data sharing among railroads through communication networks

2) Reducing delays through timely coordination of pickups

3) Improving load factors and routing

4) Efficient warehousing

5) Real-time scheduling of shipping containers from ship, to truck, and rail

Rolling Stock Solutions

AGATEL provides a wide-range of EN50155 & EN45545-2 certified IP67 and IP30 unmanaged and managed switches and serial servers suitable for supporting the challenges in rolling stock deployment. Equipped with M12 connector or RJ45/SFP interface, our devices support Gigabit speeds and Power over Ethernet to build the trains of the future.

Trackside Solutions

AGATEL’s EN50121-4 certified IP67 and IP30 unmanaged and managed switches, serving up to 10G speeds are the perfect choice for building the track-side network of next generation infrastructure. With either IP67 or IP30 protection, our devices can cover the market-specific needs inside the cabinet or exposed to the harshest weather conditions providing PoE power to cameras and other PD devices and offering a redundant fault-tolerant backbone in case of breakdowns.


Agatel’s offering for Power & Smart Grid

Security: Network component authentication via RADIUS, Logical segmentation of separate sections of the network (VLAN), Prioritization management (QoS) , and Access control lists.

Robustness and ruggedness: IP67 protection for outdoor deployments, with -40/75°C operation temperature, IP30 protection for on-rack or on-cabinet deployments with -40/75°C operation temperature, and redundant power inputs and relay outputs.

Redundancy through ITU-T G.8032 ERPS Ring: Self-healing standardized redundancy protocol, up to 20ms recovery time with 40 devices, main ring or sub-ring definition allowed, simple and user-friendly configuration, and bandwidth preservation.

High-throughput: Full-Gigabit on M12-X coded IP67 switches, full-Gigabit on RJ45/SFP IP30 switches, up to 127Gbps forwarding capacity and 40Gbps and uplinks on aggregation switches.

PoE Management: Up to 8x PoE/PoE+ ports on IP67 switches for 240W power budget, up to 24x PoE/PoE+ ports on aggregation switches, PoE schedule feature, and PoE reset feature to avoid remote maintenance when a PD device fails.