Physical Security Market was valued at $78 billion in 2016 and expected to be $153 billion in 2023.

It consists of three elements, access control, surveillance, and testing. Sites are secured against attacks and accidents using fences, biometric access control systems, fire control systems, and access control cards. Locations are monitored by cameras and alert systems, including heat sensors, intrusion detectors, and smoke detectors. Physical security includes protection of hardware and personnel, it safeguards organizations from natural disasters, fire, theft, vandalism, and terrorism.

At Agatel we manufacture our devices equipped with cutting edge technology to over perform in the highly competitive field of CCTV Surveillance and enabling real time monitoring and control


Agatel’s offering for Security & ITS

Security: Network component authentication via RADIUS, Logical segmentation of separate sections of the network (VLAN), Prioritization management (QoS) , and Access control lists.

Robustness and ruggedness: IP67 protection for outdoor deployments, with -40/75°C operation temperature, IP30 protection for on-rack or on-cabinet deployments with -40/75°C operation temperature, and redundant power inputs and relay outputs.

High-throughput: Full-Gigabit IP67, IP30 switches, up to 127Gbps forwarding capacity and 40Gbps and uplinks on aggregation switches.

PoE: Up to 8x PoE/PoE+ ports on IP67 switches for 240W power budget, up to 24x PoE/PoE+ ports on aggregation switches