Inhabits approximately two thirds of our planet, the main source of life, a crucial daily need for all living organisms, the hydrosphere that plays an important role in the existence of the atmosphere in its present form, simply it’s WATER.
Water is not only important for life on earth, also the industrial sector uses water and produce wastewater that can have a massive effect on the environment, that’s when technology takes place for safe discharge and recycling. At Agatel we manufacture robust devices to withstand humidity and immune to water with high IP rating to remotely yet efficiently control all water processes, from exploration and desalination to discharge and recycling.


Agatel product features Water & Wastewater sectors
  • Unmanaged/Managed Fast-Ethernet and Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Switches
  • Serial Device Servers
  • IP30 or IP67 Protection
  • Extended Temperature Ranges