Built on 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing industrial networking products, Agatel was established from the UK to serve the infrastructure and industrial sectors in EMEA markets with reliable connectivity for mission-critical systems in demanding environments.

Experienced in hardware and software design and integration, we produce high-quality yet cost-effective industrial networking and communication products with great customization capabilities and robust implementations, equipping our customers for reliable secure industrial networks.


The needs of our customers’ industry are different from those of corporate IT environments – industrial operating environments are tough and the impact of failure in the field can lead to business threatening situations, hence our products will have lifetimes in excess of 20 years.

From entry-level to high-performance industry-certified hardware, Agatel offers a full solution spectrum to suit our customers’ budgets and application requirements, with features such as industrial-grade reliability, integrated security, network redundancy, and advanced performance.

Our product solution profile includes industrial Ethernet switches, network time servers, media converters, industrial wireless devices, and serial device servers, covering a wide array of mission-critical applications such as automation, security, transport, water, oil and gas, and power grids.


We help our customers reduce downtime and operational costs of their industrial applications in harsh environments. Leading system integrators in EMEA rely on our niche technical expertise and product quality to increase their applications’ robustness, revenues, and competitive differentiation.

Agatel ruggedized high-quality solutions are designed to deliver zero-network-downtime for harsh project demands, allowing for reliable connectivity to keep people and assets safe and secure in harsh and hazardous environments, and allowing customers to focus on growing their business.